Mission — old

Our Purpose:New Life

We receive and share new life in Christ.

Our Guiding Principles:

At our best you will see us…

  • Devoting our selves to following Jesus
  • Actively caring for one another with the love of Christ
  • Reaching out to build new relationships

New Life in Christ

  • Welcoming and inviting people into a life of faith
  • Living with hope in a changing world
  • Engaging God’s world with a spirit of wholeness (Shalom)

 Our Priorities:

  1. Build relationships with area residents in order to be a more visible and invitational presence.
  2. Minister to children, youth and their families in the church and in the community.
  3. Cultivate a spirit of discipleship and hope in order to strengthen the congregation’s ministry.

St. Matthew is a people with a mission where you can learn, live and grow as a discple of Jesus Christ. Please contact us and share how the God who raised Jesus is calling you to draw near.